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Are You Sick of Big Tech Suppressing Free Speech?

Our Faith Wins team just completed our American Restoration tour of 42 cities in 12 states reminding Christians that God\’s role in America is simply irreplaceable. You cannot tell the story of America fully or truthfully if you leave HIM out. During the tour, we had the great privilege of connecting with hundreds of pastors, faith leaders, and congregants so we feel like we have truly gotten a \”grassroots\” view of what\’s going on in our nation.

People are concerned about our country\’s direction. They see rioting and looting in cities that goes unchallenged, they see an educational system drunk on power and committed to an anti-American, anti-God agenda, they see a southern border that has become a sieve for entry by anyone without review or vetting, they see chaos in the markets and supply chains, and they see widespread big tech censorship of their beliefs.

There is no doubt that big tech is suppressing free speech and in particular, conservative Christian free speech. You don\’t have to look far to see a multitude of examples of conservatives or Christians being censored by Corporate big tech companies while letting all manner of terrorists, tyrants, and anti-American sentiment be ignored.

While this arena is likely to be in flux while new companies emerge, and you may even have multiple platforms you\’re using, one of the platforms that Faith Wins will use and one we trust is TuVu. TuVu is the first ad-free, private social network and is not only a safe harbor for groups and individuals seeking an alternative but is founded by long-time Christian friends who have years of tech background.

It is clear to us that any Christian conservative group seeking to securely communicate with their constituents will realize the need to do so privately, securely and authentically and will do so in a paid membership platform. As Christians seek to re-engage this culture and speak up for our God-given freedoms, joining TUVU is a great way to show Big Tech that we will not sit silently as they continue to censor voices that don\’t align with their narrative!

Follow and join Faith Wins on TuVu and be a part of changing the culture of social media for good!



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