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Take your Biblical Citizenship to the NEXT LEVEL with Faith Wins and Patriot Academy

Faith Wins is FIRED UP to invite you to participate in one of the most exciting and impactful resources from Faith Wins to date. If you’ve attended an American Restoration Tour event with Chad Connelly of Faith Wins and David Barton of WallBuilders and were amazed by some of the content you heard…just buckle up because it’s only getting better!

We’ve traveled all over the country in partnership with WallBuilders and The Church Finds Its Voice team spreading the word that God’s role in America is foundational and irreplaceable. And now, we’re partnering with Patriot Academy to bring you an 8-week series of Biblical Citizenship classes to help take the your influence to the next level, and it’s completely FREE. 

This online class named “Biblical Citizenship in Modern America” is an inspiring opportunity to rendezvous with our Founding Fathers and learn more of their Biblical knowledge of our country’s Constitution, it’s ‘original intent,’ and our role as Biblical citizens.

Are you a pastor, Sunday school teacher, lead a small group or weekly devotional group or an official who leads a team? Join and work thorough this Biblical Citizenship class together, discussing the various topics and grow in your influence together as a family of Believers who have a love for our Nation!

The class will run 8 weeks every Monday evening starting at 5:00PM PT // 6:00PM MT // 7:00PM CT // 8:00PM ET.

Register free HERE to get immediate access to the free digital workbook that accompanies the course. Watch this short video the get an inside look to what expect in the 8-week course.



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