Faith Wins

Hill Ministries


There is one thing that can be said about all head coaches in just about any sport. They never actually play the game.

Also, a typical head college football coach usually does very little individual coaching. The players play the game and the assistant coaches do the majority of the coaching and advising.

When we think of a US Senator or US Congressman, we think of the number of staff it takes for that leader to lead properly.

Obviously, Senators, Congressman and other elected officials are incredibly important and we have ministered to them and will continue too.

However, what would happen if we could love on and focus on the leader’s staff and also discipled them to have a Biblical Worldview? We could change this Country for Christ. The staffers, who no one knows the names of, are known by Christ and need to be encouraged. The long hours, low pay, and little appreciation can weigh on someone who is working their fingers to the bone.

We believe that a ministry to the unknown players and assistant coaches of DC is a needed one that can change the world. This ministry will meet them where they are physically and spiritually and seek to point them to Christ.

If nothing else happens but people who need Jesus, come to know Jesus then it is a win. If the believers that are in the DC bubble get the encouragement they need to endure, it is also a win as well.

Will you join us on this journey to see so many believers on Capitol Hill start changing our country for Him?