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A Letter to U.S. House Speaker Mike Johnson

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U.S. Speaker of the House Mike Johnson has been under attack, not for his policies or votes, but for his faith. The corporate media and pop-culture activists have attempted to mock and denigrate the principles espoused by the evangelical community and specifically have targeted Speaker Mike Johnson for his commitment to following a Biblical worldview.

Sign your commitment to pray and speak out on behalf of Mike Johnson and other elected officials who stand for Biblical principles.
Signed In His Service,

Dear Mr. Speaker,

As citizens and Faith Leaders, we write to express our gratitude and support for your commitment to a Biblical worldview. We further commend your willingness to openly declare that your positions are shaped by the instructions of Scripture. Your declaration of faithfulness to the Scripture, in the face of scathing and slanderous opposition, serves as an example to all believers, especially those with a voice in the public square and influence in the halls of government.

Further, we believe history shows the interpretation of all matters through a Judeo-Christian lens, including those of legislation, is in alignment with the worldview of our republic’s founders. Your commitment to performing your duty while led by Holy Scripture is not a departure from, but a return to, historical, foundational precedent. As John Adams said, “The general principles on which the Fathers achieved independence” were “the general principles of Christianity.” Speaking of the Bible, he said that it “contains the most perfect morality, and the most refined policy that ever was conceived upon earth.”

Moreover, we ministers of the Gospel, and citizens of these United States of America, find recent comments and an ongoing corporate media narrative, that have attempted to mock and denigrate the principles espoused by the evangelical community to be both an affront to history and an offense to millions of Christians in this nation. We join you and our founding fathers, in holding the Bible to be their basis for decision making and worldview. Please note that there are tens of millions of people of faith in our great nation who support and appreciate your unwavering commitment to reflect a Matthew 5 example of “salt-and-light” in Congress.

Therefore, we write to thank you for not abandoning this position, recanting your statements, or otherwise walking back your commitment to a Biblical foundation for your actions. Our hope is that, in receiving this correspondence, you will feel the support of those countless citizens and residents of our nation who are grateful for your fidelity. We commit to pray for you, that God be with you, that He strengthens you to serve well, and that all your decisions be guided by Him.

In His Service,

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