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The Church Must Have a Voice!

Your participation is critical to mobilizing Christian voters to have an impact in the elections! Faith Wins strives to help Believers make an impact to educate, activate and mobilize faith leaders in the political and governmental arenas. Your involvement is crucial. Thanks for connecting with Faith Wins. We're thrilled to share more with you in the future of how Faith Wins is making an impact to educate, activate and mobilize faith leaders in the political arena. Sign up to receive updates below.

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What Is Faith Wins?

We are so encouraged at Faith Wins that the church is finding its voice, because we’ve seen it first hand – pastors and church leaders all over the country getting engaged and involved, holding voter registration drives, and sharing what The Word says about the issues we face in America. Since our founding, we have hosted more than 17,000 pastors at virtual and face-to-face events, offering encouragement from folks like Sen. Tim Scott, Sen. Rand Paul, former White House Chief of Staff Reince Priebus, and Gov. Mike Huckabee; and a focus on engaging their churches to vote Biblical values. That is the Essence of The Church Finding Its Voice. We are committed to make a Kingdom Difference across America. WILL YOU DO YOUR PART?

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