Faith Wins

Today’s Word of Encouragement | Evangelist Byron Foxx

When someone receives Christ as Savior, they are actually enrolling in an army! God’s army is always fighting, working, and marching forward! 

The current trial in our country has caused some to feel overwhelmed. Others seem to somewhat relish these challenging days. What causes the difference in people\’s responses to periods of crisis? The answer is FAITH IN GOD! Faith always wins!

God’s people are described as pilgrims in Hebrews 11. People of faith are described in the Bible as competitors. We continually run the \”race that is set before us.\” We are always “pressing toward the mark!”

So why does God place challenges before us? Why does God allow challenges to come to a country? Why does the Lord assign to our feeble hands\’ these great assignments?


Friends, there is a reason! God in His mighty wisdom has a purpose in what we are assigned to do! God has a goal for us, He has a program for us, he has a challenge for us! And it is glorious to set about the task of doing God’s work!

If people of faith are to be strong, and healthy, and gaining victories, we must rise to every challenge that is set before us! GOD HAS DESIGNED HIS PEOPLE TO RISE TO CHALLENGES!

-Noah was faced with an upcoming world catastrophe. God warned him about the flood, and in faith, Noah rose to the challenge of building an ocean liner sized vessel!

-David heard Goliath mocking God and volunteered to fight the giant! Goliath promised to feed David to the fowls, but David fought in the name of God, and had a tremendous victory that day!

-The three Hebrew children refused to disobey God and bow down to worship an idol. The wicked king had them thrown into a fiery furnace, but the Lord delivered them! Those three Hebrew boys had fireproof faith!  

So, in our present national crisis, what should God’s people be doing?

-Stay focused on the goal! Aim to please God in all we say and do.

-Keep active! God’s people are not a lazy group!

-Point folks to Christ! World evangelism is the greatest challenge ever given!



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